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About Valley Restart Shelter

Valley Restart Shelter is a 501-C3 non-profit organization providing emergency shelter and services to the residents of the Hemet – San Jacinto Valley.


We are currently the only shelter serving this area, and have been

providing services for over 30 years now.

The services we provide include the following:

Supervision 24 hours a day, 365 days a year,

including shelter, food and clothing.

These services are provided for in 30, 60, or 90

days based on need.

Residents are provided services that include:

  • Intensive case management;

  • Developing life skills;

  • Pre-employment support;

  • Learning money management skills;

  • Finding affordable housing

  • After-school tutoring services;

  • School district busing;

  • Referrals to other programs;

  • *Rentals assistance for those who qualify;

  • *A bus ticket to family who can help;

  • *Per Funding Availability

Our Goal

Our goal: to help those who want help, find affordable permanent housing through resources that have proven to be successful.

For more than a decade, Valley Restart Shetler's approach to preventing homelessness has had a significant success rate.
We offer a hand UP not a hand OUT.

Up To 49 Beds, And An Additional 6 Pallet Houses

88% Of Residents Find Permanet Housing

47% Of Residents Are Children Under 18 Years of Age

Our Focus

Our primary focus is on homeless families with children and individuals who desire to change their circumstances and become more self-sufficient. Individuals who are in need of a temporary helping hand. 


Our Admission Requirements

Admission into Valley Restart Shelter requires an application process. 

  • Have A Valid California I.D.

  • Fill Out An Application

  • Get Interviewed By The Executive Director And A Case Manager

  • Pass A Criminal Background Check

  • Submit A Random Drug Test

  • Seek Legal Source Of Income 

  • Be Willing to Seek Employment Daily If Able Bodied

  • Deposit 80% of Income Into Savings For Future Housing

Want to Volunteer?

Valley Restart Shelter is inviting you to volunteer and help us in our work serving the homeless community. Areas of service include Front Desk reception, organizing our pantry, assisting our Navigation team, case workers, Rapid Rehousing coordinator, filing, shredding, copies, Janitorial, and many more!

Please stop by and complete a Volunteer Application and background check, Monday-Friday, between 9 am and 12 noon.

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